A story inspired by the book of Hosea

Feb 3, 2015

Chapter 3a

         “Oh Henry, why do we have to go to New York City?”

         “Ida honey, don’t fret. I’ve told you . . .” He caressed her shoulders as he continued, “we’re going to be staying with a nice family. There’s an adorable little boy who’s about three and a beautiful little baby girl. They’re expecting us.” He continued his massage of her shoulders because it was the only thing that calmed her down when she became nervous.

Ida relented easier than expected. “Henry, you know exactly what to say to me. I love little children and who could resist a little baby girl. Are you sure it’s okay that I come along?”

“Of course, Ida. I’ve called ahead. They’re excited to meet you.” He looked at her affectionately when he said, “Sweetheart, don’t worry. The flight will be fine. I’ll be with you the whole time.” He gave her a hand a little squeeze. “Right by your side as always.”

She took a deep breath. “You’re a good man, Henry James. Let me finish packing while you go pray. See if the Lord will tell you anymore about our trip.”

She was so in tuned with his needs. It was one of the many reasons he loved her. He walked outside his little cabin. The massive rainfall the night before left puddles in his yard. He loved the smell of fresh rain that hung in the air for it reminded him of his mother. She loved walks in the rain and he loved when she took him along. They would discuss anything that was on his heart. She would say the rain was God’s way of giving the earth a bath. Henry’s thoughts drifted back to the present. Large oak trees surrounded his cabin like soldiers that protected the perimeter of his home. At least he liked to pretend they were. It was peaceful to be out in the middle of nowhere. He closed his eyes and suddenly he was on a mountaintop. He saw with his mind’s eye two large rocks. A large eagle was perched on top of the rock on the right. Henry knelt down on the wet ground. He trembled with fear. The mountaintop swiftly filled with light. Henry didn’t dare open his eyes.

He heard a voice say, “There is much pain ahead for your young charge. The temptation to interfere will be great. A work needs to be done in his heart. Don’t move on his behalf until instructed.”

Henry couldn’t speak. The heavenly being knew his thoughts. I will do Your will Lord, not mine. Give me the strength and wisdom I need to advance Your kingdom. Henry knelt for what felt like an eternity. No matter how many times he was brought to the top of the mountain, he dared not look directly into the heavenly being’s eyes. Even though he was terrified in the moment, he felt renewed, refreshed, and strengthened afterwards. He knew the road ahead would be difficult, but as with everything timing was highly important. He opened his eyes and he was back among the trees outside his cabin. He got up with a bit of difficulty. His knees were not that of a young man anymore, but he knew God would give him what he needed until the day he went home for good.

              *          *           *           *             *             *             *

         Vickie sat on the couch with her eyes closed, taking in the sweet sensation of feeling lighter than air. She hadn’t felt this good in a long time. Phil stroked her face gently. It felt comforting. She sighed. When she opened her eyes Phil’s face was close up against hers. His stare satisfied her in a strange way.

         “You’re so beautiful.” He took his index finger and outlined her lips, just like Sal did the night before. “I’ve missed those luscious lips of yours baby.” Vickie felt as if she was watching this unfold from outside her body. He leaned in and she felt his wet lips on hers. His kiss was warm and familiar. He pulled her closer and she felt his hand reach up for her bra strap.

         “Stop!” she managed to say. She pushed him away and stumbled up from the couch. “This was a bad idea. You have to go now. I don’t want to see you again.”

         Laughing, Phil picked up the rest of his drugs, got up and walked towards her. “Sure, baby. Whatever you say, but that kiss says you’re not over me. I’m a patient man ‘cause I know you’ll be back. You know where to find me and my goodies.” He gave her a peck on her cheek.

         She wiped it off as she watched him close the door. She walked over to lock it and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. What’s wrong with you? She was disgusted with herself. The drugs made her not care. That kiss felt dirty, but how close she had come to letting herself get trapped in that life again disgusted her. Vickie made up her mind. She needed better self-control. She could do this, but she felt sick at the moment. She better sleep it off. She’ll get Joey later. He’s safe with the Delfenos.

 © Nadine Zawacki 2015

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